The main objective of any form of Water Treatment is to reduce, remove and minimize undesirable characteristics within the water, conditioning it suitable for its’ intended purpose.

Furthermore with the addition of desirable substances, which when added to a closed system, such as corrosion inhibitors or sequestration agents can produce a more stable water allowing it to be more efficient and fit for purpose.

Only a complete and thorough regime with investment will allow for real confidence that the services / system operates to its maximum potential.

Reasonably simply analysis of the water supply can be carried out to ensure that hygiene, legal and duty of care obligations are met. These analyses are carried out by our highly skilled personnel and where required samples will be submitted to a UKAS approved independent laboratory for pinpoint accuracy and the most effective treatment programme.

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Our services include

HSE ACOP L8 Legionella Risk Assessment
Cleaning and Disinfection
Monitoring Contracts in-line with HSE ACOP L8
Bacteriological & Legionella Analysis
Full & Comprehensive Closed System Analysis

Cooling Towers
Full range of Water Treatment Chemicals
Water Softeners
BSRIA Pre-Commission Cleaning
Remedial Chemical Cleaning

Consultancy Services
Legionella Awareness Training Services
Chlorine Dioxide & Silver Peroxide Technology
Fully comprehensive Water Hygiene Logbook
Acid De-Scaling for Boilers and HWS Cylinders


Any investment in ensuring that a water system is free of unwanted matter and not damaging to the equipment it is used in before its first use will pay dividends over time. And, by setting out a proper regime for ongoing servicing and maintenance, alongside our engineers, your system will deliver the level of safe, reliable performance you need. All this can be achieved cost-effectively where pre-commissioning is taken seriously. After investing in a water system it makes sense to invest in its future.

Aquatech’s pre-commissioning cleaning work is all carried out to the exacting standard of BSRIA application notes, the industry recognised best practice control.

Aquatech’s Pre-commissioning services provides the foundation on which your system’s future reliability and safety is built.

Pre-Commission cleaning and commissioning the foundation on which a safe, effective and economically viable water system is built. Any lack of attention to this stage will almost certainly have a knock-on effect to other trades.

Any and all remedial cleaning is performed in order to restore a system that was previously fouled with scale, corrosion, general dirt / debris or microbiological contamination to a more stable and efficient condition.

The cleaning agents used for remedial cleaning are a mixture of but not entirely, acids, chelants, neutralizing agents, and specialty cleaning chemicals. Here at Aquatech we have a full range of speciality chemicals, with the ability to mix and match, as required, so the correct product is tailored to suit the system, fully dependent upon its ‘metal’ make up.



The Approved Code of Practice L8 2013 ‘The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems’ (ACOP L8) applies to all businesses in the UK who store or use water in a manner that is likely to create an aerosol, irrespective of the industry sector to which they belong.

Failure to comply with any provision of any Approved Code of Practice is not in itself an offence but any be used in criminal proceedings as evidence of failure to comply with appropriate regulations.

The requirements for a business under ACOP L8 are:

• to identify and assess all sources of risk: ( carried out in strict compliance to BS 8580:2010 – Water Quality Risk assessments for Legionella control-Code of Practice)
• to prepare a written scheme;
• to appoint a responsible person;
• to implement and manage the scheme;
• to keep records.

Aquatech’s Water Hygiene Service has been specifically designed to help you meet all your individual requirements. Our Risk Assessors are competent qualified engineers, with an expert knowledge of domestic water systems. They have all the required knowledge and skills to identify the conditions that can lead to an outbreak of Legionella.


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